Conditions We Treat

Genuicare is committed to helping you recover from your injury or pain, prevent future injury, and maintain your health and mobility. There are many conditions that we treat and care for with our team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists. Based on your injury and circumstances we have many different and convenient options for you to receive therapy from us. If you are homebound, we can work with you as a Home Health patient through our partnership with local Home Health agencies. If you are mobile, we can work with you in our Outpatient Therapy clinic. We now are proud to offer you our new Telehealth Program for individuals who want additional safety precautions or unable to do in-person visits. Lastly, we offer free consultations by phone or video chat to discuss your problem and provide you a professional opinion on the next actions you should take to get better.

We have listed below the most common conditions that we treat to assist you with regaining your optimal health and mobility. While this list is numerous, there are likely many conditions that are not listed that we can also help you recover from. We have “genuine care that never quits” with an amazing team of therapists ready to help.

Genuicare Therapy Services

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