Our Practice

While starting out as a Home Health Therapy Service provider in 2008, Mark Layton knew that for Genuicare to fulfill the promise it made to their customers that they would have to be able to provide a continuum of care that included outpatient therapy services. In 2020 Genuicare Outpatient Therapy opened its first clinic with a commitment to the same core values and promise they’ve had since the beginning.

Genuicare is committed to providing therapy “The Genuicare Way.” It is a part of our culture. We are a team that works together and genuinely committed to our job. We will not treat you like a customer, but like a friend. We understand that it’s not just about the therapy or treatment interventions we provide, it’s about the entire experience, from the first time we talk on the phone until the last time you walk out our doors with health restored. Everyone is working together and committed to fulfilling our company promise to you.

There are a lot of great outpatient therapy clinics but here is where we are different:

  • Our clinic is small with easy access, so our elderly patients don’t get fatigued just trying to get in and out of our clinic.
  • We are truly multidisciplinary – We have PT, OT, and ST that can provide Home Health AND Outpatient therapy.
  • We have a strong company culture and top therapy talent with the words of Genuine and Caring that form our company’s name.
  • Coupled with our home health services we are able to provide a continuum of care that other therapists or outpatient therapy clinics cannot.
  • While able to treat every age group with superior care, we have additional specializations tailored to meet the needs of the elderly with direct one-on-one care by actual therapists, not therapy techs.

We are continuously innovating and developing programs to meet the ever-changing demands of our patients. From DME repairs to Ergonomic Assessments including CarFit, to special programs like the LSVT Parkinson’s and our Health and Wellness Program. Our team is currently obtaining certifications in Blood Flow Restriction Training and Dry Needling. We will continue to specialize to provide our patients with the absolute best therapy experience in Hot Springs. Welcome to the Genuicare Family!

Genuicare Therapy Services
The Heart of Genuicare Therapy Services

Since 2008, Genuicare’s mission has been to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our aging population so they can live the most active and abundant life possible. Our motto is “Genuine Care that Never Quits.”
We will forever be committed to this.