Like all things in life, no two therapists or therapy clinics are created equal. We recruit and hire top talent and only those that both embody our core values and embrace our promise. Our philosophy is that the therapy is one piece of the puzzle that restores a patient to optimal health and living. We believe ideal healthcare is not just the therapy we provide, but the entire experience from the moment we first contact your patient to the very last that makes the greatest impact in their life. We focus on strong relationships to build trust and commitment to a healthier lifestyle and more abundant life.

We are different than our competitors. We truly have “Genuine Care That Never Quits!,” meaning that we will monitor and care for your patient in a variety of settings and ways to ensure they don’t falter or fall through the cracks. We are able to provide therapy services to your patients in their home, through our Home Health partnerships; in our clinic, through our Outpatient Therapy clinic; or virtually through our Telehealth Virtual Visits program. In addition, our Health and Wellness Program both compliments and compounds the value of our therapy services. The mission of our Health and Wellness program is to help your patient live a happier, healthier, and more active lifestyle.

Genuicare Therapy Services - Physicians

Our ultimate goal is to help you provide the most impactful care for your patient. We promise to provide genuine care not just for the time you prescribe therapy, but we will remain in communication with them even after they have been rehabilitated. We will check in on a monthly basis and see how they are doing. We will always facilitate a solid relationship with you. We know that a happy patient is proud to tell others about their physician. We focus on making sure the complete therapy experience is excellent, so the patient becomes an advocate for you!

Thank you for your support.

Our Promise:

To use all our God-given abilities and resources to regain and maintain the highest level of function possible for every individual allowing them to live the most abundant life possible.
To be a positive influence on all who come in contact with Genuicare.